Elite II

Strip Club, Nude Dancers

calle 50 and av. Uruguay
Panama City, Panama
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Phone Number:

011 (507) 264-9527

Opening Hours:

open until 5:00AM.

Dancer Ethnicity: Latina, Dance Prices: 10, Drink Prices: 4.50, Daytime Cover: 0, Nighttime Cover: 0
Club Vibe:
Dollar Value:
Dancer Vampiness:
Beer and Wine
Full Bar
Bottle Service
Juice Bar
Couple Friendly
Bikini Dancers Only
Topless Dancers
Nude Dancers
Bikini Lap Dances
Topless Lap Dances
Nude Lap Dances
Private Lap Dance Rooms
VIP Room
Prepay Private Dances

Reviews (12)

31 October 2017
Club Vibe: 0
Dollar Value: 0
Dancer Vampiness: 0


This was the other club listed for Panama City listed by TUSCL, so I felt obligated to visit it and report. As Le Palace had so much quality, I was under the impression the competition…
22 October 2017
Club Vibe: 0
Dollar Value: 0
Dancer Vampiness: 0

Elite II

This club is awesome! Lot's of very attractive dancers and they are VERY friendly! The lap dances are totally nude and the private dances are great. Unlike the States, this place is…
14 September 2017
Club Vibe: 4
Dollar Value: 4
Dancer Vampiness: 5

Elite was not Exactly Elite

25 cover all you can drink. Not a big drinker but paid the cover to check the place out. Not as luxurious as Le Palace but about 20 girls on staff.

And the girls were not as top notch as Le Palace. Drinks for the girls were 15 bucks each. I bought a couple girls drinks.

Again, club gets takeout fee. They asked $170.00 and I did not ask a girl price, but assume going rate from 150 and up.

Lower end strip club, same crazy prices, although being right across from Hooters was a nice touch.

***Panama City has three "lower...end clubs/brothels. My taxi drive took me to all three. Not a tourist area by any means. Girls live on premises. Had a 2 dollar beer at one. Went early afternoon. Girls were a bit less attractive, but who I am I to judge? Thing is the price for a quickie on premises was 22 dollars. That's right, 22 dollars. I did not partake but the experience was surreal all the same.
9 September 2015
Club Vibe: 9
Dollar Value: 7
Dancer Vampiness: 8

Elite in Panama

Decided to try this place on my trip to Panama. It is a "takeout" club for the real fun. Prices in the club are high but reasonable, however prices outside are quite expensive by Latin America standards. I speak Spanish very well (essential in my mind for takeout ) but do not expect Colombian prices here...Many of the ladies are in fact Colombian, but the prices are 3x-5x higher than what they charge in Bogota, Cali and Medellin...and 5x-7x what you get in Cartagena.

Overall a nice club to swing by, watch some pretty ladies wiggle, but too pricy for the real deal
1 June 2015
Club Vibe: 10
Dollar Value: 10
Dancer Vampiness: 10

This is a very nice club.…

This is a very nice club. For a modest cover, patrons can drink all they want. Seating is comfortable and plentiful.

The girls are very pretty. They will give free, but brief lap dances if you show interest. Their goal is to get you take them home with you.

You can buy them drinks, and your waiter will keep track of how much you spend.

This is important, because if you decide to take the girl home, if she hasn't sold her quota of drinks, the waiter will bring the rest of the drinks for you to buy. This is similar to a bar fine.

You can also buy private lap dances.

If you go to this place late at night, say after 11pm, it is possible you won't have to pay a bar fine as the girl might have sold near her quota by the time you meet her.

Be aware that if you get a taxi from your hotel, the bell man will ask you where you are going. If you tell him Elite, you will end up with a more expensive cab, such as an SUV. It is best to go with the flow in that situation.
18 October 2013
Club Vibe: 8
Dollar Value: 7
Dancer Vampiness: 7

I have been to elite II,…

I have been to elite II, the club is nice inside. The girls range from ok to good looking. They r really friendly n very workable with you. There are a lot of colombians, dominicans n panamanian girls who are eager to make some extra bucks. When you pay the $30 entrance fee its an open bar for you. (Cheap beer, and easy soft "alcohol" drinks) but the girls r nice and if you know spanish it will definetly help you score with the ladies. Awesome experience and you get to bang some girls if u want amd have the money. I talked to a guy who worked there n he said they range from 200-400. So enjoy n good luck fellas
7 May 2013
Club Vibe: 8
Dollar Value: 7
Dancer Vampiness: 9

I've been to a lot of…

I've been to a lot of strip clubs (topless, nude, bikini, pastie, etc.) all over the U.S., but this was my first time at a South/Central American place. All I can say is WOW! If you're going to be in Panama City, and looking for some super hot chicas, this is the place to be. I went on a Monday night, around 8:00. Things were just starting up. I couldn't stay very late, so what I saw was actually pretty slow. But, despite the lack of customers, there were still probably at least 20-30 girls. I usually like to stay at a club at least through one full rotation and see every girl on stage at least once. I would have had to stay at Elite II for at least 4-5 hours to see all the girls. I didn't see a single one that was less than an 8. Most were 8-9, with a few 10s scattered around. I guess it depends on what you're looking for, but this place had a good variety of girls; some of whom had been "enhanced" and other natural girls. I prefer the natural girls, and the ones in this club were a natural 8-9 at least. Of course, almost all of them were latinas, as you would expect, mostly Columbian (and damn were they HOT!). It was made clear fairly early on that a good portion of them were available for takeout. That's really not my thing, so I didn't inquire more as to the price for full services, although every single one I talked to asked what hotel I was at. I went on a Monday, which is open bar night. You pay $30 at the door and they give you a wristband for all your drinks. That's your cover, and all you can drink as much as you want as long as you're there (no more charges). Probably the best bargain I've seen at any club. I had probably 6-7 beers - enough to feel good - and definitely felt like I got my money's worth out of the $30 cover and bar fee. I had a few "special dances" with this amazing Columbian chica who had only been there about two weeks, and spoke very good English (not the case with most dancers though...speaking Spanish will definitely help). Those dances are full nude and full contact, and done in a private room with a curtain blocking the door. With the right girl, you could probably get away with a lot in those rooms. Nobody ever peeked in the check on us. I did not notice if there were cameras though. "Special dances" (basically what we could call a VIP dance in the US) are $28 each, or 3 for $50. Of course, I went 3 for $50. Why would you not? I didn't get any table dances, but those are $11. The girls can't really negotiate their own prices, which is common in other places. The dance prices are posted on every table on the side of a napkin holder. One thing to note though; the dances are taxable here! I got my three "special dances" and gave the girl $60, thinking I was giving her a $10 tip. A guy took the money for her, and returned a minute later with a ticket for her and change for me. I got $6.50 back, so I guess there's about 7% tax on lap dances. I gave all the change to the girl. The dancing on stage isn't what you would expect in the U.S. The girls did three song sets, but the first two were clothed. They didn't start taking anything off until the third song. The tops would come off about halfway through the last song, and usually they either didn't take their thong off at all, or took it off maybe 20 seconds before the end of their set. That was disappointing. For the most part though, all the girls were very friendly. I didn't like hat there was was some pressure from them to buy them drinks. It was explained to me that not buying a drink for a girl meant that you didn't want her company, and some got a little offended when I politely declined. I agreed to buy a drink for one girl, and probably will never do so again. The server brought her this tiny champagne glass with maybe 4 oz. of something that looked like really cheap champagne (although it was probably watered down ginger ale). My bill for that drink was $16.50!! I'll never do that again! The club atmosphere is not the best, but still very nice. Everything seemed reasonably clean, for a strip club, and the chairs were the most comfortable I've ever seen in any club. They were high-back brown leather recliners and couches, all in pretty good shape. I didn't try to recline it and kick my feet up, although I could have. The wait staff is also very nice. The girl at the front spoke English and Spanish, and I had no shortage of drinks coming my way throughout the night. If I was paying for each drink, this might not be what I would want. But, since it was open bar night, as soon as my beer was halfway empty, they would bring another one (all were perfectly chilled). There are a few drawbacks to the club in general, but overall this is great place. If you're in Panama City, this is the place to be. Physical Club Rating, 8 (nice, clean, very comfortable, but not posh), Dancer Quality, 8 (didn't see a single girl I would say no to, but I didn't really like the lack of stage performance and drink pressure), Monetary Value, 7 (dance prices are what you would expect, dancer drinks are very high, but made up for somewhat by the "open bar"). I would definitely go back.
27 December 2012
Club Vibe: 7
Dollar Value: 7
Dancer Vampiness: 7

Stopped into this club on the…

Stopped into this club on the advice of a cab driver. The club is at the end of Calle Uruguay, one of the nicer clubbing and restaurant areas in Panama City. The club charged 30 bucks to get in but that included an open bar, so as long as you are going to stay for a bit its not a bad price. Things started pretty slowly no dancers on stage when I walked in. After a while one of the girls got on stage and did a pretty impressive pole dance. I got chatted up, sort of, by one of the girls. I don't speak much spanish but it wasn't too much of an issue. The girls were not pushy at all, in fact if anything they could probably hustle a little bit more. I got a few private dances with one of the girls. Fifty bucks for three songs, private booth and fully nude. Pretty good mileage. I recommend visiting this club if you find yourself in Panama City.
14 May 2012
Club Vibe: 7
Dollar Value: 7
Dancer Vampiness: 9

While I was in the Navy…

While I was in the Navy (2007), we had our port visit here. The stage dancing is all go-go (stepping back and forth, not too exciting), but it gives you the opportunity to see what the girls look like. Decent music selection, loved their advertising, even bought a pink polo that they sold (other colors available). We spent a total of two weeks here, so my group were regulars. After a good night at the casino, I went here and dropped a few hundred on dances and drinks, but wasn't able to get "personal" with the girls due to a Cinderella curfew. One of the girls told me of her sister that worked at a different club (Club Miami if I recall correctly) and said that it was completely different if we didn't like Elite. Elite is fun, alot of seating (like movie theatre seats but comfortable), and when the Navy comes to town they put on tons of shows. The best one was two girls basically screwing each other onstage, then off from the other stage another girl decided to join the fun.
English is a hit or miss with the girls, but we were drunk and had Spanish speakers with us, so no problem.
When I can, I am definitely going back!
15 September 2011
Club Vibe: 8
Dollar Value: 7
Dancer Vampiness: 8

Me and some buddies were traveling…

Me and some buddies were traveling throughout Panama and had a great time in Panama City throughout the city in Casco Viejo etc.... We heard from numerous cab drivers to go to Club Elite and that was because they are paid by the club to bring customers in so if you want a free cab ride tell them to take you to club elite and the ride will be free. Once there the women are beautiful, mostly from Columbia and english was spoken a little. The ladies were not pushy and I brought a few drinks and the private room was available. The ladies stated that they could go home with you for a price but none of us took up the offer. Great time, beatiful ladies and would recommend if you are in Panama City.
23 September 2010
Club Vibe: 7
Dollar Value: 5
Dancer Vampiness: 8

Enjoyed this club a lot. Honestly,…

Enjoyed this club a lot. Honestly, I didn't feel pushed by the girls. They were just friendly. Hung out for quite awhile, bought a few drinks for different girls who sat in your lap and laughed and didn't rush you. They were very good looking and even though none of them spoke much english they made the night fun. I didn't use the in house facilities or take a girl home but I enjoyed the club. I thought the atmosphere was actually really relaxed.
10 May 2008
Club Vibe: 7
Dollar Value: 7
Dancer Vampiness: 7

Went on special night when you…

Went on special night when you pay 40.00 entrance fee with open full bar. I got the feeling they offered this once a week. Waiter kept the glasses of beer or hard drinks full at table - very nice. As soon as you walk in a girl will try to sit in your lap, I always like to survey the crowd first so I sho them away. You can pick a girl to sit on your lap at any time ! Depending of the girl they can get pushy in asking for 'lady drink' 20 USD a drink. It was pretty easy to keep the girls at a reasonable pace. The waiter was GREAT, the best I ever had as he would give updates on exactly where the tab for lady drinks and dance were after every round. I never felt like I would get ripped off as I have in other Latin american clubs.

No stunners in the crowd but everyone was in the solid 6 to 8 range. Girls were all fun some spoke english. I don't know how it works, but it seems that any girl that sits on your lap for any length of time will ask you if you like BJ. Depending on how long the girl stays on your lap she may ask for tip.